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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise Weekend  NBC  February 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. >> a people shot at a club in orlando. >> no holding back during the final granite state debate. a recap just minutes away. good sunday morning. it is going to be a cold and
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if you have any super bowl tailgating to do, bring the celebration inside. >> it is going to be breezy all morning long, downright windy by the afternoon. s. is the way it looks. win it feels like it is 38 out there at this hour. mid 40' s, that is not crazy for this time of year. it is on the cool side but when you at the wind, sustained at 22 over in cocoa beach, 16 orlando, sustained winds at 20. those winds and temperatures make it feel like it is 37 in leesburg, 38 degrees in daytona beach and 36 degrees in palm coast.
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clouds will be with us from 10:00 to 11:00. >> thank you. 5:02. breaking news. a massacre inside an orlando nightclub. two people are dead and six others hurt in a shooting overnight. gunfire interrupted inside glitz altered or -- glitz ultra lounge . homicide detectives do not have any information out yet about a possible suspect. we have reported trouble at glitz twice in the past year. in october, two men were shot in the parking lot. last june, a man was hurt well ducking for cover.
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>> we had barbecues, cookouts. he was a typical kid. >> devastated friends remember a man murdered outside a publix in claremont. matt grant spoke neighbor. matt: the victim' s friend is wondering the same thing police are. why? police search for why 21-year-old andrew jones was shot and killed. his clermont family gathered but did not want to comment. kenny kyle says he was still in shock. >> he was a great kid. it was a shock when i heard. >> a backpack was found at the crime scene. horrified customers looked on.
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50 on county road 455. police do not have a motive or suspect description. witnesses tell investigators they saw a white car fleeing the scene. police are searching for the car jones was last seen driving, a white, four-door 2012 volkswagen cc. >> we had barbecues, cookouts, he was a typical kid. >> jones is neighbor -- jones' s neighbor says he does not know who would want to hurt him. he says he was interested in a career in music. >> i was shocked. i really did not expect that. >> the manager at publix did not comment. if you see the white vehicle, all crimeline at one 800 423 tips.
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the shooting outside the florida mall is now a double homicide. 19-year-old samuel dustin died last night. he collapsed inside the jcpenney entrance friday night. first responders found 20-year-old andrew garland shot near a car. he died at the hospital. both men were from broward county. new information overnight about a deadly crash last night in deland springs -- de leon springs. a car flipped near dawson brown road. the driver died after she was thrown from that car. passengers were treated for minor injuries. troopers do not know why hernando has lost control. there is already a lawsuit after the massive ucf data breach.
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two victims just fired -- filed a class action lawsuit alleging ucf did not do enough to protect their information. there are attorneys want a jury trial and damages awarded. letters are going out to all those affected but ucf has already offered credit monitoring and identity theft protection to the victims. those resources posted on our website at s rocket launch is fueling a series of talks about a missile defense system in south korea. south korea warns the north koreans are probably testing band technology. -- banned technology. the u.n. called it a violation of its rules. the u.s. and china condemned that launch.
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is back to the campaign trail after an ego smashing democrat bashing republican debate. the candidates set their site -- sites on marco rubio. >> the gloves were off in new hampshire. donald trump doubled down on his controversial position. >> i hit immigration. i talked about muslims. >> this is a president who in the wake of paris and san bernardino will not even use the word' less focus on defeating the enemy. affordable care act. s missile launch claims. >> the next president is going that in the game. it' s a preemptive strike is
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don' t have a uniform. christie. >> it does not prepare you for president of the united states. hit by a massive snowstorm and you didn' t stay there for 36 hours and left and came back to campaign. well. >> let me talk. quiet. >> in just a few days, we will find out which candidate made the most compelling case to new hampshire voters. kara: coverage of the new hampshire primary continues later this morning on wesh 2 with meet the press at 9:00 and matter of fact at 10:00. adrian whitsett will have live
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updates on the wesh 2 mobile app. one republican candidate is heading to central florida. ben carson will be holding a luncheon at the country club of ocala on monday. the fundraiser runs from moon -- noon until 12:30. bernie sanders' s saturday night live can -- cameo is dominating the social media discussion this morning. the two took on different roles. >> hold on. wait a second. [applause] >> i am so sick of the 1% getting this referential -- preferential treatment.
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up eating a metaphor. still got plenty of laughs. it is the biggest day of the year for football fans. super bowl sunday is here. more than one million fans are in the bay area to watch the broncos face off against the panthers. while peyton manning versus cam newton promises to be a new show, the halftime show got more star-studded. bruno mars will join beyonce and coldplay. the cheapest ticket on stub hub is now $2850. fans will gobble up 1.8 billion chicken wings. fortune magazine estimates a 32nd commercial this year cost $5 million. chicken wings, super bowl sunday, they go together. dave: that is a lot of chicken. who knew they were counting chicken wings?
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here is data for you today. planning an outdoor super bowl celebration, it is going to be windy and chilly out there. starting out cloudy, even over in volusia county, a couple sprinkles at this time but it is all going to transition out. this is the way it looks right now on first alert doppler. you can see sprinkles moving offshore. belleview, along the i-4 corridor, that it is going to be a few hours of clouds that finally clear at sunshine. temperatures finally -- it is the wind that is the problem. it is feeling like it is down in the 30' s at this hour. a raw, windy warning -- morning . transitioning from cloudy to sunny by the afternoon, topping
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a cold work week coming up. kara: central florida' theme park is building once again. legoland' s take expansion plans. commercials. we may find them funny but do advertisers? what it takes to get them s new this
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kara: new information on that at
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police are offering a $3000 reward for any information leading to the killer. one person was killed and seven others injured at club rayne yesterday morning. three of the victims were under 21. a woman says some were injured because there was a stampede to get out. 5:16, a man whose company told epcot -- built epcot has died. john tishman died at age 90. new on sunrise, legoland is planning its second expansion in a year. according to the lakeland ledger, paperwork was fired for a new resort called project oasis. you are looking at video of the legoland hotel. it will be built on vacant land across from the parking lot.
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bowl. companies spending millions of dollars on 32nd ads hoping you will go by their product. it is not that easy for some smaller companies. >> if last year' s super bowl commercials pull heartstrings, this year' s targets funny bones. >> humor is the most used approach in the super bowl ads. doritos, skittles hopes star power hits the >> comedic sweet spot. >>when it works it can be effective but when it falls flat, not so much. >> honda hedging its bets with another advertising stick. >> in costs -- in contrast to last year summer ad
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is trying british wit from helen mirren to target drunk driving. for ads that hit the laughter bull' s-eye, there is often stuff like beyond game day. >> people are more prone to share humor. >> many ads have already been teased or premiered in full. which carries risk. >> when you lose the element of surprise it limits the impact. >> with more than 100 million consumers watching sunday, advertisers hope the last laugh is there' s. kara: can we just watch that last one? you can use stats, flipped a coin, or animals to predict who wins super bowl 50. the brevard zoo sent this video.
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two went with the panthers but only one picked the broncos. dave: my son is going to be very sad about the cheetahs at the brevard zoo. i don' t know how a 13-year-old becomes a broncos fan. kara: are you? dave: he is the trail blazer. it is cloudy and awful out there. you can see a lot of light around the air force base. there is also been a few raindrops on the camera lens so it is not all that pleasant at this hour. it is going to be cold, raw, and windy as well. north west at 13, many areas seeing wind at 25 miles an hour. many can see them gusting.
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these temperatures are not crazy cold for this time of year, but it is the wind making us feel wrought out there. -- raw out there. we have wind 17-15 miles per hour out of the northwest and that windchill, almost everyone feeling like it is in the 30' s. along the coast line, the backside of the departing low, wraparound moisture ringing a couple of sprinkles. low foggy conditions out there. that is the way it looks. it is moving up the eastern seaboard. it is going to be a mess in the at atlantic -- atlantic. a cloudy morning, a few sprinkles coming off the gulf. as our low pulls away, sunshine comes out but it is going to be
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making for hazardous boating conditions. if you are thinking about how this impacts surfers, the big day is not going to be today. these are not the lows, these are the highs. temperatures in the 50' s all around central florida. there is that beach and boating forecast. these offshore and 10-15 foot rain -- waves. wind is going to clean that surf up. wet weather turning sunny as we head into the afternoon. again, i said get out there early today, make sure the clouds begin to clear. not a bad day. it is going to be windy. lots of cold weather in the outlook for you. temperatures only topping out in
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freezing temperatures a possibility a couple of mornings. kara: the gainesville police officer who chose a game of pickups over punishment. how the attention is turning to the kids in that story tonight.
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kara: the gainesville kids now famous for playing basketball with a police officer and shaq game. you may remember this video of bobby white playing with these kids. a week later, shaq showed up to shoot hoops with them as well. they got the ip tickets to the game.
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rip twitter is the top trending topic on the social media platform. the company ceo is saying call him down. buzz feed reported twitter was going to get rid of the live timeline up they and start using an algorithm to decide which tweets show first. over the past five decades of super bowl, a lot has changed especially in the way of how the game is played and watched. look at these cool new gadgets experts say will be able to transfer the players physical information through the chip. you would be able to track a player movements while he is on the field. all of that in the comfort of your own home. >> you can take the tv and make the wall around it fill out the
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at the stadium. kara: it is not clear when some of these gadgets will be available to everyone. we are continuing to follow breaking news. a deadly shooting spree at an orlando club overnight. two dead, six others hit by gunfire. what happened inside that busy nightclub ahead on sunrise. dave: we are talking about a cloudy morning in central florida. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. >> we are following breaking news. a barrage of bullets hit eight people inside and orlando nightclub. the information just into our newsroom. >> he was a great kid. kara: we are hearing from the friend of a man killed in the parking lot of a lake county publix. thanks for joining us. first we will turn your attention to the weather outside.
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dave: cloudy, cool, and windy. or downright cold and windy standing -- depending on your perspective. the wind will stay with us and it is going to stay cold all day long. around orlando it is not a nice morning. windchill is in the 30' s and there are still a few sprinkles around. doppler radar is picking up on spits and dribbles there. picking up on low clouds out there, so some of those greens are not reaching the ground that if you are heading out in the next hour or two, expect missy conditions. -- misty conditions. you don' t see a lot of variation, but the wind we are dealing with at these -- this hour, the windchill is largely
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your day is going to turn into a breezy and windy day. windchill' s poll the heat away from your skin. eventually, we will see sunshine temperatures in the 50' s. details of what you can expect coming up. kara: a massacre inside an orlando nightclub. two people are dead and six others hurt. gunfire in the inside glitz ultra lounge on universal boulevard just after midnight. dozens of police cruisers blocked off the surrounding area overnight. detectives are still there. they do not have any information about a possible suspect. we have reported trouble at glitz twice in the past year. in late october, two men were shot in the parking lot, and last june a man was hurt while ducking for cover. we have reached out to the
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follow updates throughout the day on the wesh 2 mobile app. the search continues for a killer who targeted a man outside a claremont publix. andrew jones died friday night. >> i was shocked. i did not expect that. kara: both kenny kyle and police are trying to figure out why jones was shot. kyle says his friend played football in high school and was a philadelphia eagles fan. >> we had barbecues, cookouts. he was a typical kid. kara: a backpack and shell casings were found in that parking lot friday night. a witness saw a white car speeding away. jones had a white car. police are not sure it was the same one.
5:31 am
stay away. we are pushing for answers this outside the florida mall. 19-year-old samuel dustin died from his injuries. on friday, he rushed into the jcpenney and collapsed. 20-year-old andrew garland was found shot in a car. he was pronounced dead minutes later. both men had broward county air -- addresses. new video into our newsroom. you can see the whole a truck punched into -- hole a truck punched into one orlando business. the truck also took out the street sign. we will let you know as soon as police give us more information. two people are suing ucf over the enormous eight a breach
5:32 am
63,000 people might have their personal information exposed. matt lupoli looked at how it could turn into a lawsuit. matt: a lawsuit filed against the university in response to the data breach that affected tens of thousands. officials announced records were accessed without authorization, copper mise in names and social security numbers of current and former employees, students, athletes, and others dating back to the 1980' s. 63,000 records were compromised. we are identifying the night the breach was announced. >> hopefully everything will be ok, but it is unsettling, knowing your identity could be in the hands of someone else. >> a records breach is the worst
5:33 am
matt: lawyers representing two other victims have filed a class action complaint against the school in federal court on behalf of themselves and the others affected. they allege ucf failed to adequately protect their information. the lawsuit moves to request documentation of other breaches and cyber training practices and security policies. the lawsuit criticizes the school' s handling of the breach and seeks damages to be determined by a jury trial. in orlando, wesh 2 news. kara: ucf is sending letters to those affected. we have contact information posted on our website inside of global outrage over north korea' s rocket launch. while the country celebrates,
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defense officials talk about a missile defense system. south korea believes the rocket was a cover-up to test banne d technology. in commitment 2016, the new hampshire primary is now two days away. who became the primary target for republicans in their final rennet state debate. -- granite state debate. >> marco rubio was defensive, knowing he would get slammed for being a first-term senator. the experience is not just what you did but how it worked out. >> you have not been involved in a consequential decision where you had to be held accountable. >> chris christie and jeb bush. >> you learn by doing it. >> trump, who skipped the iowa
5:35 am
but from importing every undocumented immigrant got slammed by governor john kasich. >> i couldn' t imagine how we would begin to think about taking a mom or a dad out of the house when they have not committed a crime since they have been here, leaving their children in the house. that is not the kind of values that we believe in. >> ted cruz grabbed the trump hartline. >> we are going to build a wall, , will say i have got somebody in mind to build it. >> what is first in trump' is a big win tuesday. rubio stream, grabbing number two. kara: wesh with coverage of this next test
5:36 am
complete coverage on meet the press and matter of fact later this morning. our own adrian whitsett will be in new hampshire for the primaries. in seminole county you will have to keep your trash under lock and key or face a warning. new bear management rules are taking effect. they have to be kept in bear resistant cans or locked up before trash day. food like bird and pet food must be kept away from bears. fallen fruit from trees will have to be picked up. if you are warned more than once you could face a fine between one and $200. expect heavy dui patrols for super bowl sunday. they will have more officers and deputies patrolling the streets looking for impaired drivers. there will be plenty of partying tonight as the panthers and broncos prepare to take the field.
5:37 am
, whose final game could be tonight, and the unstoppable cam newton. get compared to peyton manning you must be doing something right, so i -- >> he has been awesome. the best word i can think of. kara: for many of us the attraction. bruno mars is joining beyonce and coldplay on the stage. it is going to be a good day to sit inside, on the up, and watch the game today. dave: it is going to be a hot chocolate super bowl afternoon. windy and quite cold. it is going to stay windy and cold all day long. it is only about 12 miles per miles an hour. the windchill everywhere in central florida.
5:38 am
cloudy spies -- cloudy skies keeping temperatures almost everywhere. when that wind howls in, making it feel like it is 48. that is another tropical spot for this morning. 36 chilly in palm coast, 39 degrees down in winter haven. the clouds are trying to exit. we have spits coming in off the gulf. very light rain and low clouds and misty conditions still in play this morning. it all begins to clear by 12:00. we never warm up much higher than the 50' s today. your seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. kara: 5:41. college basketball taking a backseat this weekend to football that we have you covered with the brutal and to the night' s game next in sports. ahead of the super bowl there are new hat -- nfl hall of
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see that? jill's gobbling up our bird's eye teriyaki broccoli. (mind-blowing sound) and look ben is going for more buffalo cauliflower. (mind-blowing sound) everybody's a veggie lover now. what do you think? (mind-blowing sound) mind blown. bird's eye flavor full. so veggie good. >> good bet that kentucky was going to be focused as it hosted florida yesterday.
5:42 am
highest in the country including a loss at tennessee after blowing a 21 point lead. gators had been hot. winners of five of their last six. their momentum was stopped dead in its tracks. the gators fell flat, kentucky leading 24-5 in the first half. 62% shooting. gators looked awful. to mall murray had -- larry had 27 points. losing on the final score of 82 -- 80-61. quick turnaround for the win after thursday. a.j. davis to the whole and a layup and a foul. later, nights down to. -- kni
5:43 am
the past will go to aj, who launches to davis, who throws a desperation shot. aj for the bound and put back at the buzzer. we had to ot, but a review clearly shows that aj still has ball in hand when the lights went on. a tough pill for donnie and his men to swallow. >> there is a confidence that will build off this. it hurts. i know those guys are hurting in the locker room. we' ll regroup and we have to. >> a couple of other college scores, florida winds -- overtime at home to jacksonville. 96-88. cam newton named the nfl' s nbp.
5:44 am
this was commercials during the game on sunday. leading the packers to a super bowl title winning three straight awards. tony dunn g heading to the hall for his great career. orlando pays kenny green and the extent felt. -- dick standfelt. the lpga is headquartered in daytona. no longer a problem. the coach championship debuted at golden ocala. final round in the nasty elements using leaf blowers to dry the greens. the ladies weathering the grain quite well. anna james gives a one-shot lead and then a victory all but guaranteed as one more here for
5:45 am
winds for the first time on the lpga tour. tpc scottsdale shot by central florida resident dennis leedy, whose father -- among 2000 once -- fans on saturday. danny lee has a three shot lead. final round here on wes -- wesh later on today. that is a look at sports. have a great super bowl sunday. kara: bikers will be pedaling through apopka for a shot at competing in the 2016 paralympics in rio. more than 100 competitors from 16 different countries will compete. a representative will be on hand
5:46 am
the first race starts 8:00 this morning around apopka' s northwest recreation complex. they will be met with breezy temps. i don' t know if that dave: is a good or bad thing. it is a pretty -- it is darn cold out there. their hands get cold, so there is no getting away from the cold this morning. kara: stay inside, watch the game. dave: let' s look at what is happening. we can -- we have got temperatures currently in the 40' s but with that wind, it does not feel very pleasant. this is orlando looking down i-4. don' t you wish every hour could be this quiet? mid 40' s across. rambo lacus -- rainbow lake
5:47 am
44 degrees in claremont, 47 rockeledge and we are in the 60' s yesterday along the barrier islands. wind chills now 22 miles per hour out of the northwest and cocoa beach. 15 ocala, 12 up in daytona beach. the wind chills. really just down into the 30' s in most locations. because of the cloud cover, even once the sun gets over the horizon it may never warm up that much. once the sun comes out, later on this morning, temperatures may s. what does that wind chill mean? the wind strips the heat away from your body. the body has to pump out more heat. colder. it does not affect your pipes, your plants.
5:48 am
misty conditions in play for the next couple of hours. 10 or 11 is when things begin to clear up. the wraparound moisture is -- begins to pull away. we begin to see breaks in the cloud cover. a cold and windy day but at least a sunny day for central florida. overnight, clear skies out there. tomorrow morning, another very cold morning. only topping out in the mid-upper 50' s. 15 degrees below normal for the time of year. wind chill is likely in the 40' s in many locations. beach and boating, there he dangerous. gale warning in effect. tomorrow, winds will clear things up. very cold for runners , and it won' t warm up until after your race is over.
5:49 am
looks like a lot of fun. kara: coming up now, 5:52. a feel-good story ahead of the super bowl. only a select few get those rings so imagine losing one. it happened to a local february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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>> a former super bowl champion lost his ring and thought he would never get it that. mike kruczek made -- waited years until the phone rang. >> it was thrown off on that side. the front wasn' t there. this was -- shrub wasn' t there. >> 2.5 years ago is when he lost it. this is how he earned it. six and zero in his starting season. the steelers were winning super bowl 13. the championship ring missing from his finger. 2.5 years earlier, he set the ring on his car bumper and later
5:52 am
>> when i got back i did not have the ring. i went back to home depot thinking i had lost it. >> months went by and eventually mike gave up any hope of ever seeing the ring again. what he didn' t know was a worker for this man had found the ring well digging a hole just outside the subdivision. he gave the employee a reward and went about finding the rings owner. >> two voicemails. i have got something that belongs to you. my name is angel. very important. >> mike kruczek had his own angel. >> i was just taken aback. i could not call him fast enough. >> i don' t expect a prize or anything for being honest.
5:53 am
house and told him come get your ring. >> mike has kept in touch with angel and his family all wrought together by one man' s lost treasure and others simple act of decency. >> it is not the value it -- it is about the value it brings to my heart. they know it. i thank them all the time. kara: 5:57. more super bowl coverage ahead in our next hour of sunrise. big companies may be able to shell out millions of dollars for those ads but for smaller
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